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Fossil Tooth Unknown


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This is a tooth that i found in an Algarve's beach in Lagos, Portugal, and i've been searching fossils in this region for years and i found inumerous bivalves, gastropods, shark teeth, and more but never found nothing like this.

It is clearly polished by years in the sea and sand, it has theese little dots in the cutting edges sugesting that it was a serrated tooth from a carnivorous specie.

Can someone help me? Thank you!





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Hello and welcome to the forum, it is a shark tooth, could be a megalodon, but I am not 100% sure as shark teeth are not my area of expertise.

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I also agree with everyone, it is a weathered meg without the root. Nice partial tooth find. Also welcome to the forum

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: )

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I agree with (heavily worn) C. megalodon.

"There has been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about." - Ashleigh Ellwood Brilliant

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” - Thomas Henry Huxley

>Paleontology is an evolving science.

>May your wonders never cease!

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