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Need Help To Id Fossil Log?


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I found this in a river bed in Western North Carolina I want to know if anybody can help id, or if it is a fossil?post-9506-0-27287800-1345943307_thumb.jpgpost-9506-0-80356800-1345943325_thumb.jpgpost-9506-0-76834800-1345943329_thumb.jpg This last image was from a previous day further up stream from where I found tis piece, I went back to pictures taken to see if I captured a photo of this what I believe to be a very large fossil log sorry the pic isnt better, I am going back soon and will get better picspost-9506-0-26578000-1346010257_thumb.jpg this log is big maybe 6' long 25" diameter

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Looks like maybe petrified wood, hard to tell by the pics being so small.

Fossils are simply one of the coolest things on earth--discovering them is just marvelous! Makes you all giddy inside!

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