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I am giving a presentation at "Fossil Days" at our local museum in October, and I need some speciemens/photos of some weak areas in my presentation. Yesterday we went out to the river to look for some "Coal Age" plant remains. They are not common in this area, but do exist in the Tar Sp[rings sand stone, which is exposed due to the Mississippi being low. First thing we found were teh remains of an old wooden boat.


ashcraft, brent allen

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Nice pics, thanks for taking us along.

I remember several years ago when the river was extremely low they found a sunken ship at Memphis. If I recall, they believed it was a civil war ship. I'm surprised this one hasn't been discovered before. Is the river lower this time, I wonder? Did you notify anyone to have it investigated?

Did you determine what the bone was from?

Keep us posted on your presentation in October. If I happen to be in town, I would like to attend. Besides, I know there's some other members in the area now.

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Southeast Missouri

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The bone pic is posted in the ID section, we'll see what comes of it. The boat is in the Trail of Tears state park area, we gave the Park Naturalist the gps coordinates, although he was aware of its presence. There actually is another set of remains closer to the park headquarters, but there isn't near as much left. I did collect a nail from the hull (square), I think it is good enough condition and distinctive enough to get a time frame ID from it.


ashcraft, brent allen

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