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What Are These? I Need Your Help Please :)


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Attached are pictures of 2 items. I posted one of them recently and received comments that it may have been a scraper or a flake knife. I included what I hope are better pictures of the front and back. I should note that it is extremely sharp. This was found in northern Illinois.

The other one sure looks worked on both sides. There is a small recessed area on one side (may not be visible in the pictures)-almost perfect for a thumb. There appeared to be a tip that was broken off.

The front (as I call it) contains the red dot-not sure what it is but right above it is some flaking that is evident in certain light. The edges have what appears to be pressure points and have similar marks to an arrowhead-but are much smaller. They extend along both sides until where it appears broken off near the base. Parts are very smooth-as if worn smooth and there is flaking on the back as well.

I have no idea what it is but with all the knowldge in this group-hopefully you can help.

This was also found in Illinois.








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I'm looking for signs of 'purposeful modification', and not really seeing any.

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if it was found walking a cultivated loamy field with no rocks it is probably a relic (inferred by circumstance), if you found it in a stream bed gravel bar the burden of physical evidence is required, would agree with Auspex that it doesn't look too good in this respect

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In all honesty, while it could still be a flake knife, it more than likely just debitage from the actual tool making process. i dont see any secondary edge flaking on it, that would indicate that it was used as a tool. it is made out of Burlington chert, which was a very popular lithic making material in the area it was found.

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