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New Helicoprion Fossil Found


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That was such a bitter sweet specimen. It was the only one I have ever seen in stratographical context and it was a very large specimen, almost 20 inches in diameter! Unfortunately it was situated 2 feet from the top of a 20 foot vertical wall and could not be collected intact :( , but now we have a specimen for some destructive analysis! It was preserved in a loosely consolidated mudstone, it all but turned to dust...

nando, sorry I didn't tell you when we last spoke, but I was sworn to secrecy until after the press releases. And we never got the permission to go back this week, from either of the mines, such a weird situation to be allowed to collect a found specimen but not allowed to look for others...

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I would love to find one of those! I know they're rare and mysterious, but do they seem specific to a certain environment or time period?


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To my knowledge, they are only found in sediments of Guadolupian-Leonardian age and only in association with phosphate deposits. Outside the US they are constrained to the Artinskian of Russia and China. And a couple have been found in Australia, but they were found on a flood plane so the true age is unknown, though they were assigned the Artinskian time stamp.

Despite the info on the internet, they died out in the early Permian, sometime around 260 MYA.

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