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What Is It? They Said It Could Be A Spino, T-Rex Or Another Carnivore


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The note says fossil predatorial dino bone

african t-rex,spino or other carnivourus dino. late cretaceous 96-66 million, tegana formation, kem mek basin, marocco.

here is two pictues of the same piece of bone, of both sides of it:



Any ideas of what dino its from?

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Sounds like a commercial ID (an ID crafted in order to sell something). There is no current way to ID bone fragments like this with that level of confidence unless this was broken off a larger identifiable piece (which probably can't be known either).

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I agree with Carl... it might be from the kem Kem region of Morocco, and it might be dinosaur bone, but there are other non-carnivorous dinos in the kem kem beds, and a piece this small can't reliably be ID'ed. But if you call it Carnivorous dinosaur from Morocco, you can sell it for more than veggiesaurus bone fragment.

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