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These are some corals I found in Alpena, MI. I'm pretty sure the clump of four are horn corals? I've usually just found them as single things that look like Bugle chips. Do they typically form in clumps?

I showed the other one to a fossil expert and he didn't think I had found it in Alpena. He wasn't sure what it was, other than it was a coral. There are two views of each.





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Very nice find the first two pictures are of a Horn Coral and they can be found in large numbers stuck together.....and the other two are some kind of coral,,,,,which type I don't have a clue.

The Brooks Are Like A Box Of Chocolates,,,, You Never Know What You'll Find.

I Told You I Don't Have Alzheimer's.....I Have Sometimers. Some Times I Remember

And Some Times I Forget.... I Mostly Forget.

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That cluster of rugose coral may be a colonial one; some nice examples of colonials come out of the Alpena area. I have one similar, a little smaller.

Thinking it is a Eridophyllum sp.

The best source for info on where you are hunting, is the Deep Blue Library at UM Ann Arbor.

You can key word search, and there are a lot of papers.

Here's a link using the key words Alpena, Devonian, Fossils:


The ID on your rugose came from this paper, "Corals of the Devonian Traverse Group of Michigan. Part 1":


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I agree with the horn coral ID. I definitely see spicules in the third photo meaning that there is some sponge there, but I also see what looks like tabulae from a tabulate coral. Could be two things mashed together.

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