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Texas Beach Fossil


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I found this on the beach in Texas a few years ago and never could figure out what it is. Maybe a lobster?? I have found many teeth and crabs and arrowheads and indian tools on the beach, but this one has me stumped. Any ideas?


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Not sure based on the single photo. Try taking some additional photos in natural light and views of the entire piece. :)

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Ok I was mistaking the surrounding material as bone since it looked kind of spongy. Perhaps its just the erosion of the specimen, is it silicified?

Cephalopods rule!!

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The whole piece is fragile, not hard rock. The surrounding area is more like pumice than fossil bone.

this is the reverse side. I hesitated to show it earlier as it may be confusing. The tapered end on the reverse side is opposit the two "lobes" on the front side and is offset from the front side. They are not the same structure. I think the reverse side is just shaped "mud".


This is another shot of the front. A part of the piece had broken off some time ago and I never reattached it. I removed it for this shot.


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I just knew I had a similar specimen around here somewhere! I do think that fossisle’s guess of “brain endocast” looks more and more correct! I think it is some kind of fish. Tell me what you all think.




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Since nobody seems inclined to venture any guesses as to the identity of these pieces, I have decided to put forth my own.

1. Krispy Kreme Donut batter

2. Chinese finger trap

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

4. Devil’s Advocate

5. John F. Kennedy

Please feel free to vote for what you believe to be the correct answer. :D

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