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Pleistocene? Mammal? Bone


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Found this in the North Sulphur River (north Texas) Saturday. It's definitely not Cretaceous, and it's not a vertebrae. There are bits of mineralization attached to it, and it's too heavy to be modern. My guess is that it's Pleistocene.

I think it is relatively complete, but I'm not too good with ID on the non-reptile stuff. Some kind of toe bone from a large mammal maybe? Any help appreciated. Thanks!





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There is a definitely resemblance there, at least for some animals. This one doesn't seem too worn to me though. In the places where it is worn, you can see the porous looking bone inside. Most of the surface is solid though- it looks like that was the actual surface. It's also really asymmetrical.

It would be cool if someone could narrow it down...

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