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Need Id.


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Looks like an internal mold of a brachiopod.

Not sure there is enough detail in the pic to be sure of what kind.

Also, please, ... when posting in the ID section,... if you could tell us where it was found, (county,town) and the size of the specimen, that info would help us to be able to narrow down an ID for you. :)



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My first thought was gastropod but probably brachiopod?? Yes we need a little more info please.


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Oh, sorry about that, of course.

I found it in Toronto. As i get it's Georgian Bay formation.

Does this photo better?

Thank you.


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Not exactly Humber River, but pretty close to that area.

Thank you for the site. I ve never seen it before.

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I'm afraid my vote would have to be for just a stone. It seems like an internal mold would be surrounded by a void where the shell was in this situation, and anything else seems like it would have clearer details of growth lines or a split between the valves.

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