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Unknown Fossil From Erie, Pa


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I found a fossil of what possibly is a tooth that may be a sharks tooth due to other fossils in the same rock. As I'm a raw beginer, it could be anything.

We found this in Erie, PA along with many other seashell fragments and small whole shells. I believe this to be from the Devonian time period as the gray stone and local bed rock are from the Devonian time period. Observation of the rock under 10X jewelers loop shoes other types of fossils in the same media.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some pics.



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Whatever it is it looks to be folded. Maybe plant material?

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It's a fragment of the interarea of a pedicle valve of a large Spirifer brachiopod. The fragment on the left shows the growth lines.

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I agree with GerryK: here is a link to demonstrate what he ment:


and I add a picture of an own specimen (Cyrtina sp., Emsian, Locality Ruppertsklamm near Lahnstein near Koblenz, Germany) to further show that I think GerryK is right. My specimen (showing the look upon the area) is not preserved very well, the tips are broken off on both sides, but this is why I show it since it allows to look upon the structures behind them, which are very similar to those of your specimen.

However, I wonder about the enormous size of your specimen. What are the dimensions of the triangular structure? Most spiriferids with areas of that kind are rather small.



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As a Pennsylvanian, delighted to see an interesting PA fossil! Sorry it looks more like a shell than tooth or fin, but keep hunting - there are fossil teeth and fins out there...we've found a few ourselves...keep going!

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