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Upper Cretaceous

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My daughter found this on the HGMS field trip to Midlothian Texas last Saturday upper Creaceous possable Atco Formation or the chalk above? is this a jelly fish? I'm not sure what to look for to ID. She said it was a TV lol


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She has a good eye, Fred & Wilma Flintstone's TV, I don't have a clue what it is, hope you get an answer---Tom

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As it seems to bridge two layers of the rock, I will suggest that it is a mineral stain, infiltrated after the layers cracked and separated slightly; the darker area is the last point of close contact before complete separation.

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I agree, a mineral stain, or possibly due to differential oxidation. Sometimes oxygen can penetrate a certain distance into the rock, oxidizing the periphery and causing a color change, for example in iron minerals. The center remains unoxidized, and so has a different color.


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