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Athleta Petrosa, Perhapsa?


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I'm no gastropodiatrist, but I think this specimen is Athleta petrosa. It was found in Shoal Creek in Austin, TX, which has everything from Cretaceous to last Thursday, but I suspect this is Eocene.


It's not the most pristine gastropod I've ever found, but it has some nice detail on the whorls. What do you think?

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Well, I can see why you think it may be Athleta petrosus. It has the general look. However Athleta petrosus has a much shorter spire compared to the lenth of the body whorl. Also, Athleta petrosus has three folds on the columella. While you don't show a photo of the aperature of the specimen one photo shows a break in the shell that exposes the columella and I don't see evidence of the folds.


The Eocene is my favorite

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