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Graptolites From Ordovician To Identify


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Here Graptolites I found last week in Scania, Sweden.

I am sure only about the period: Middle Ordovician, just before the limit with the upper Ordovician.

Can someone help me with the genus?

Thanks in advance


the single specimen measure 6 cm





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Hi Dromiopsis,

Is it Diplograptus?


Hi Scott!

Thanks for the pdf!..I would like to have such amount of informations....

I was thinking about this Genus but it's very hard to identify when you are not a specialist...., There's one D.foliaceus in this area but in the upper Ordovician....but in other bibliography..is in the middle Ordovician too....

I am a little bit lost

Thanks again for help.


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Thanks to all to comfort me in this identification, I know is not easy with theses extinct animals

To close this post, picture in the autumn leaves..;I needed to dry the slabs to apreciate the quality because the layer is under water... in a small river



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Beautiful specimens! :wub:

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