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Turtle Material?


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Hello everyone! I found this interesting piece of what I think may be turtle specimen at the Belgrade quarry yesterday in Maysville, NC. The Belgrade Formation is Oligocene and there are many areas with Pliocene and Pliestocene material. I found this in a little gully like area where there had been some rain wash. I have been looking through my books and am not sure due to the interesting boney nodules on the underside of the specimen. Reminds me almost of something cranial. Any help is appreciated. :)



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I'm no expert, but it sure looks like turtle material to me. Much of the turtle material I've found has a "boney" structure attached to the bottom of the shell material. Also, the "spongy, porus" interior looks like much of the turtle material I have.

In the second pic, the "bony" structure does not show real well, but there's three distinct structures on in the inside of the shell material.



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I agree with turtle. Lots of pieces of shell are found at Belgrade. Most of it well worn, but occasionally a very nice piece is found.

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Thanks sward, Vordigern, PrehistoricFlorida and Don! Gotta love turtle material! :) Sward, thanks for sharing your awesome pic of turtle material!

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Process of identification "mistakes create wisdom".

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