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Visit To "lac De La Foret D'orient" (Eastern Wood's Lake)


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Having a week off, i had the opportunity to make a small fossil trip.

The main aim of the trip after a small stop in normandy and a night in Paris, was the bank of a lake located in the middle of "eastern forest".

Its an Albian area (lower cretaceous). The lake is an artificial one built in the 50s or so. Main reason the lake was made was to prevent floods in Paris.

The water gathers in the lake during winter and spring then is freed during summer and autumn.

The place is 100% surface scanning.

There's no big stuff but nevertheless that's a nice place to hunt if you not afraid to wet your feet and cover yourself with mud.

The sky was low and dark and the ground covered with water of the recent heavy rains but we were lucky enough to dodge rain.

Also i couldnt take field pictures.

This year the crop was very good. To add to the usaul small ammonites, bivalves and gastropods (ill post pix later, once i clean all), we were lucky to find the folliwing stuff :

A fait amount of crabs carapaces and claw bits. Girlfriend also found what i think is some kind of shrimp (will post pix once i cleaned it a bit).


Still need to work on the IDs but at least 3 type i think

Necrocarcinus sp : the big black one in the middle

Notopocorystes stockesi,


Etyus martini : never found that one before.


Many more close up in my galery...

claw bits :


Also had the luck to find a bunch of fish vertebraes (never found one before lol)


the most noticeable one (shame its not complete, but still more than 2 cm):


And finally teeth (only found 2 before)

Shark teeth (Cretalamna appendiculata ?):


most noticeable:


3 teeth of some swordfish (Protosphyraena ferox).

biggest one :


And finally what i think is an ichthyosaur tooth


More report once i cleaned the whole stuff...

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Thank you for your interesting trip report; your finds are wonderful :)

"There has been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about." - Ashleigh Ellwood Brilliant

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” - Thomas Henry Huxley

>Paleontology is an evolving science.

>May your wonders never cease!

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Nice crabs. Interesting that you find teeth/verts/fish teeth similar to what we have here.

Fossils are simply one of the coolest things on earth--discovering them is just marvelous! Makes you all giddy inside!

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As a crab, shark and fish fanatic, I applaud your finds with gusto! Very very nice.

You and I need to do some trading!

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  • 3 months later...

had time to take a few snapshots of some the ammos i found on this november trip so i bump thei 3 months old topic with a ammos diaporama

More to follow soon i hope

The ammos were in lesser quantities than the other times i went there : the ammos spot were nearly cover with dry water grass / mud.


most ammos are Hoplites sp from albian also, small and incomplet but still nice


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Great crabs! You have a a great area to hunt. Thanks for sharing~ :)

Process of identification "mistakes create wisdom".

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