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Large Mosasaur Vert, Assuming Tylosaurus, Anyone Know More?


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It is from the North Sulphur River in Texas, which is Upper Cretaceous. This is the biggest one that I have seen, granted I have not seen a ton of them. Does anyone know what part of the creature that this may have came from? Or any other info?



post-8738-0-40182300-1352694519_thumb.jpeg post-8738-0-85638600-1352694517_thumb.jpeg post-8738-0-60699300-1352694520_thumb.jpeg

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Nice finds! Isnt' the North Sulphur River wonderful?

I'm wondering if it might not be a Plesiosaur vert?

I'm sure some of the experts will be along to give their opinion. Lets wait to see what some others say.

Southeast Missouri

(formerly Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)


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There have been a number of other species of mosasaurids that have been described from the North Sulphur River. Halosaurus is one. It could very well be Tylosaur though. I have seen a complete Tylosaur come out of the river that had vertebrae much larger than that. It really depends on the position within the backbone that the vertebra comes from.

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Wow, that's a big one. Looks like mosasaur to me bc of the concave/convex ends. Plesiosaurs have 2 concave sides. great find.

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