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Sulurian Something..


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I am hoping someone will be able to tell me what this is, I found it Sunday in the same place as I found a group of Illaenus sp. trilos, and other misc. aquatic items.



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Beautiful specimen! I found something similar but it didn't come out of the rock, still half buried. They identified mine as a brachiopod. I'm excited to see what they say about yours! Being all out they may be able to identify it further.

Bev :)

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well here is one more picture, camera doesnt seem to want to focus on it as good as I would like it to. may be time to invest in a new camera as well.


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also found these, not the best but I will use them for practice prep with my new micro blaster setup I just bought


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thanks Steve, it was nice meeting you as well, I look forward to going hunting together again, maybe the same group with a few more people.

It's the sugar run formation.

Ok thanks Rob
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