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Hidden Quarry Lake Spectacular!


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Hi Guys and Gals!

Today--Nov. 18, 2012--I went to explore a hidden quarry I was curious about to see if I might be interested in prospecting it, and if so, to then ask permission. What a surprise!

It is mid-November and still in the 50s in Minnesota, which is unusual. The day was clear and crisp, a beautiful autumn day. I could see just a bit of buff quarry peaking from around the corner of a grassy road. When I rounded the corner this is what I saw, and the picture does NOT do it justice!


It was like a scene from a calendar of northern Minnesota!


The water is blue/green, clear and deep!


It appears to be mostly the Prosser member of the Galena Formation, Ordovician. I just stood in awe! Bald eagles were circling in the wind above the lake and I saw two whitetail deer bound across edge of the quarry. I saw a shoreline across the lake. I decided to walk around to see it. I found evidence of the Stewartville member of the Galena Formation as I walked around.


A creek also runs along the property all Stewartville member.

I believe I will track down the owners and at least ask.

Bev :)

PS There are not supposed to be any lakes in Fillmore County!


The more I learn, I realize the less I know.


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Nice place. At least you didn't get chased off before you could snap the photos. :)

Context is critical.

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I don't know if I should take a fishing pole or a rock hammer..................great looking place.

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Thanks for showing us your adventure. It looks like a beautiful place to hunt. Another quarry all to yourself.

Living the dream!

Southeast Missouri

(formerly Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)


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