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Carboniferous Leaf? Mineral Deposit?


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Hey everyone I found this today in some shale that had slid off the side of the hill at my office (sadly it was already broken and couldnt find the other piece to it), It looks like a leaf of some sort but have looked through a couple members galleries that has carboniferous plants and haven't seen it yet. I have found some annularia and calamites in the same area a few days ago. Notice how the outer edges seem to be a different color and has lines running up both sides. It doesnt seem to have much of a texture, just found it odd how the outer edges looked (with lines of a different color and of course the shape reminded me of a leaf. Any ideas?



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Sorry, but my vote goes to mineral stain.

I see no detail that would lead me to believe it is plant matter.



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Thats kinda what I was leaning towards since it lacked any texture, the shape threw me off I guess, wanting to see something in it. haha.

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