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Hi Guys and Gals!

I thought I would show you a picture of my "boneyard"; these are almost all fossilized rocks I have collected just this summer in Fillmore County, Minnesota. I have only figured out about 70% of them--what they may be. Mostly because I have just entered into other rock beds than the Stewartville member of the Galena Formation that I hunted for most of the summer.



So, what do YOU do with all your fossils? Especially the ones that are not really display worthy?

I offered them to Warren Netherton at Forestville State Park. He just laughed and showed me a closet full of fossils (none tagged, so I didn't feel so bad). And I give them away...

I have too many in the house :D

I figure I can practice prepping on some of them. Sometimes when I just get the bug, I go out and work through them to see if I can recognize more...

But I am curious what other collectors do with their "extras"...

The more I learn, I realize the less I know.


Go to my

Gallery for images of Fossil Jewelry, Sculpture & Crafts

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What fossil hunter doesn't have a "bone yard" somewhere around their house? :) My wife uses them in her gardens, too.

It looks like you've had a productive summer if these are just your discards.

Southeast Missouri

(formerly Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)


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I finally had to start a business. Sometimes I secretly put my stuff into somebody's piles. I have put them where kids can find them and they disappear real fast. Better yet give them to your friends from Wyoming :D


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I have a big bench outside to weather less than awesome specimens or big plates. It's fun to let them sit a couple of seasons, and then look at them again, usually with a hand loop.

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