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3 Cephs?


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These were all found just below Fountain, Minnesota on Hwy. 52. Galena Formation, Ordovician Era.

These all look like nautiloids to me, but... May be wishful thinking?


These have the ridges that would indicate to me cephs, but maybe not?

post-9628-0-11099700-1353647440_thumb.jpg post-9628-0-08579100-1353647475_thumb.jpg

Back and Front. This looks to me like a straight nautilod? But...

What do YOU think?

Bev :)

The more I learn, I realize the less I know.


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Looks like they may be trace fossils. Burrows. I find them all the time and I think we are hunting the same age. This would be a mold with the inner "burrow" section weathered away.

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