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Not So Much A Trip..


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So I was at work today, and someone says to me, " theres no fossils at a power plant". my reply.."I beg to differ, I guarantee there is"

well I went outside for break in the balmy 24 degree breezy day, walked the grounds and looked for an area that there has not been a lot of foot traffic to disrupt the rocks. Now most of the rocks are from the local Illinois area, and brought in via dump trucks etc.

So after about 45 minutes I went inside to show him what I found. Im not sure of the ids on some, but some I am familiar with.





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Thanks, Im not sure when they are from as they arrived in a truck . Although I did find a super small Illaenus sp. head, possibly more have to do a little work to see.

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Well the little guy in photo three has more to share than I assumed, I know its an Illaenus sp. trilobite, however after some minor prep, the front of the cephalon has a square piece extending forward, and a bump on the broken edge almost like a worn down little spike. Can anyone clue me in on this find a little more?


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