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Dinosaur Egg For Christmas


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OK... I just asked my 7 year old what he is going to ask Santa for this year.

Earphones for his MP3 player, a "real" dinosaur egg and Dinosaur Poop was his response....

Earphones - no problem

Dino-Poop - not sure how you tell a funky looking rock from coprolite, and not sure I want to answer "whadya get your kid for christmas" with "Sh..."

(i guess if i don't get the coprolite, i can say "i didn't get him Sh...")

Anyway, other than ebay, is there anybody on the FF that would recommend a good source for an egg?

It doesn't have to be museum quality, but it shouldn't be a 1" by 1" chunk either.

As long as its fossilized from a dinosaur, he's not picky on the type. Hadrosaur cheapest?

What kind of price range are we talking?

I almost fell outta my chair when searching the general web and ebay.

We're new to fossil collecting, but I'm hoping to keep him interested in the hobby.

Our experience is collecting at the calvert cliffs in Maryland about half a dozen times....up until now, shark teeth & verts. were good enough.

I haven't posted enough to search the Member Trades & Sales section.

Please PM me w/ pictures and price if you can help Santa out.



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On many sites I've seen dinosaur coprolites been sold for quite cheap. You can probably get a piece for under 5 dollars. Eggs are expensive and rare though.

Olof Moleman AKA Lord Trilobite

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Just for refenrence on the cost of dinosaur eggs here is a link to a site that sells them. http://dinosaur-eggs.com/Eggs/Home.html

A fossil hunter needs sharp eyes and a keen search image, a mental template that subconsciously evaluates everything he sees in his search for telltale clues. -Richard E. Leakey


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Hadrosaur eggs are the cheapest ones I have seen, if you are lucky you could pick one up for a few hundred bucks.

Otherwise you could get a big piece of egg shell for next to nothing.

I think Roz had a good idea, can't go past a BIG Dino tooth!

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