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Found In Frisco Texas


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I found this on Panther Creek in Frisco Texas. It is 6.5 cm long 5cm wide. It appears to be bone. Could be corpolite or something else. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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First photo posts are challenging; if the image is a large file, edit it to under 2 megs. :)

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Looks to be fin bones from a large Cretaceous fish----Tom

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Nice find. I'd sure be checking out the area closely for more. However, the problem with creek finds is you really don't know where it originated unless you find it in situ.

Also, be careful when describing where you've found things. That creek's liable to get a bit more attention from some of the locals when they see this. You never know when you might hit a "gold mine" and you sure don't want everyone to know the exact location.

Keep us posted on whatever you discover.

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experience helps you to judge specimen condition and make an educated guess of distance transported downstream.... varies with lithology and fragility of specimen however.


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Its a pretty well known site in Dallas.

It is a fish fin. It would have to be cleaned up to know exactly which one. Probably Cimolecthys

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