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More Blue Croc Bones... Sorta


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Hi all-

Earlier this year I shared with you guys my find of blue crocodile bones and the death of my computer. Well, I finally got the computer fixed, so I can be active here again, and on Labor Day (September) I went back for more croc blue bones. I went back to the site and collected some of the same layer, examining the side of every piece of rock I collected for blue bones in cross-section. Here is my final collection:


I labeled all the rock pieces so I can fit everything back together easily. Here is a close-up of one piece:


And a side view of the same... notice the blue bone seen here. Having done a bit of prep on this material, I think this is a turtle plate.


Here is one piece I started prepping. It turns out that the blue bone in this one is a piece of turtle, but the block is full of small croc scutes... totally unexpected. A good day in the lab. There are also a few bones in here that I am not sure what they are.


Right now I am primarlily working on some contract prep, but Iook forward to having more time to work on this slab. I have had it x-rayed and will add those pix later. It is looking like the majority of the blue bones are actually turtle plates, but the addition of a whole pile of unexpected croc scutes and a few bones is fine by me.

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Now that is something you don't see every day.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

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Very Cool, JP!

Please keep us informed on your progress here.



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