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Strangest Dinosaur Names


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Strangest Dinosaur Names by Alex, Neatorama.


Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature by Mark Isaak


What Goes Into Naming A New Species? A Lot

by Robert Krulwich, NPR, September 23, 2008


Fishing Column: Fish biologists honor 5 political

figures by Martin Armstrong, Stamford Advocate

November 30, 2012


The paper that named a trilobite after Sid Vicious is:

Adrain, J. M. and G. D. Edgecombe, 1997,

Silurian (Wenlock) calymenid trilobites from the Cape

Phillips Formation, central Canadian Arctic. Journal

of Paleontology. vol. 71, no. 4, pp. 657-682.


PDF file - http://www.nhm.ac.uk...enids-94138.pdf

Arcticalymene - http://en.wikipedia....i/Arcticalymene

Merry Christmas

Paul H.

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