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Couple Of Bones


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These are a couple of bones my son and I dug up off the Brazos. Any help w/ id's is appreciated. The first pic looks like a very large vertebral body. The rest of the pics are of a second piece which looks like part of a shell. Hopefully the pics will show a slight suture line right down the middle of the piece and you can make out the curve of the shell. My son will post a few pics of the vert that he has.






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second may be land tortoise Hesperotestudo crassisscutata....but see what others say before inking that in...


Daniel A. Wöhr aus Südtexas

"To the motivated go the spoils."

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I'm thinking probiscidean on the vert, based on size and another pic of one I saw on the forum. Anyone else want to join me on that?

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