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December 2012 Finds


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I've been able to get out 4 or 5 times this month and scare up a few teeth. Nothing spectacular but a few nice ones on each trip. My favorites are the giant dolphin teeth (both at around 2 inches which is getting towards the top end for these around my parts), the double heart meg, the cows, and the ray barb. I pulled the ray barb off the top of a block of clay in the wash. Based on the impressions left on the block if I had been a few hours earlier I could have salvage the rest which would have made it close to 1 foot in length!

Oh.... one more thing... Stay safe out there. On my last trip I missed getting squashed by a matter of a few minutes and another hunter missed by seconds. A section of cliffs that I would have bet money as being stable cut loose dropping 100+ tons of material 50 yards long 10 deep and 5 or 10 high right on a prime section of beach. It was a calm day and though it had rained recently it wasn't a huge rainfall. Another reminded for me never to assume anything and stay down near the water always.

Not much else worth sharing but I'm still kicking and in search of my 5 inch meg. Happy New Year to all.






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Jason, looks like you scared up some real nice keepers for your collection. Those two giant dolphin teeth are awesome. The one with the curved root is especially interesting; it superficillay resembles a seal tooth as well. Glad you got missed by the cliff collapse! On a positive note, maybe some cool fossils will come out of it.


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Hi Daryl, I was thinking maybe seal tooth on that one as well. I've attached a few more pictures. Any more concrete thoughts from anyone? Giant Dolphin or Seal?

And yeah... hoping on the cliff collapse... The matrix that fell is good stuff. Slow wearing but good.





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My vote is Squalodon based on teh finds that were positively ID'ed from the California Miocene. Here is one that I found that is Squalodon (primitive dolphin).

Also, I agree that the other tooth looks like a sea Lion molar (Allodesmus perhaps), but I need to see more of the crown to tell for sure. Picture of that below too.

Cool collection!



Squalodon tooth


Assortment of Dolphin and Sea Lion teeth. The red-crowned one dead center is a sea lion molar that yours kinda looks like, but I hesitate because of its size and how pointy it is.

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