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Fossils Of Ancient Cat's Head.


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I'm sorry to inform you, this unfortunately is NOT a fossil cat head. :(

Looks nothing like a skull.

The other actual fossils you are finding are from an ancient sea floor, and not terrestrial remains.

What you have there is a chunk of limestone, with possibly some invertebrate remains, (but I don't really even see that) not a cat skull.



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You are confusing a suggestive shape; meat does not fossilize intact and in the shape it has in life.

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But there are some nice Pleistocene fossils within a few miles west of Bogor - keep looking!

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Sorry, just a lump of rock with a strange shape. Marine enviroment means you won't find things you see on land sandly. I know we would all like it to be something as rare as a cat skull, but it just isn't. Keep looking for marine fossils!

Best wishes,

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