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Jurassic Ecosystems Were Similar To Modern Ecosystems


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Jurassic Ecosystems Were Similar to Modern: Animals

Flourish Among Lush Plants, Science News, Jan. 8, 2013


Study finds Jurassic ecosystems were similar to modern:

Animals flourish among lush plants, Southern Methodist

University, http://blog.smu.edu/...ng-lush-plants/

The paper is:

Myers, T. S., N. J. Tabor, L. L. Jacobs, and O. Mateus, 2012,

Estimating soil pCO2 using paleosol carbonates:

implications for the relationship between primary

productivity and faunal richness in ancient terrestrial

ecosystems. Paleobiology. vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 585-604.


Best wishes,

Paul H.

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