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Ribs Of Something Or Another


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I found these ribs today just sitting there in front of my face. Walked over them several times over the last couple of days. Going back up there with a shovel and more time after the rain. Most likly fell down in a slide...I took the pic before I dug it up..in real soft silica sand. Came down from above I'm thinking...side wall picture..Oh..it's the bottom 2 rib pieces...very curved

Whale? Seacow? Mammoth? All found in the area...





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all within the same pit but at several different layers... The bottom 2 in question today were right next to each other...

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Amazing..not even a guess uh..land or sea mamal? Just another rib I guess.

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Giant sea cow Hydrodamalis cuestae. I take it that this is your same Pliocene fossil locality.

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