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Fossil Hunting Clothing And Footwear?


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Hi Guys & Girls,

can someone please give me an idea of what to wear while fossil hunting in the peace river.

What would be good for footwear old sneekers or the watershoes made of neaoprene?

What about clothing just shorts and a t shirt???

Any help would be great i am going on april 20 2013 from the wachula area

Thanks for your time and patience


Greetings From Cape Breton Island

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I use wading sandals and shorts (or fishing pants with zip off legs) and a shirt with a lot of pockets.

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Hi Diane

I always wear boots/sneakers with socks to protect my feet at most any stream, river or beach I collect

at. I have worn neoprene waiders at the peace during winter months. They haven't had a very cold winter

down there this year and by late April the water should be plenty warm. I would think you'll be fine with a bathing suit and an old pair of shoes. Wearing pants with zip off legs as suggested by Herb in the

prevous post is (in my oppinion) a great idea! Good luck down there the peace is an awesome place.


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It might make me feel better if one of you had said ' wellington boots ' on this thread or the Q&A thread... We had so much rain last year I'm supprised I dont have webbed feet....

Cheers Steve... And Welcome if your a New Member... :)

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I've never been there, but may I suggest an old fishing vest with lots of pockets? A hat to protect you from the sun? One or two of those zip carriers that fit around your waist? Perhaps a backpack or big bag to carry your finds in? Some ziplock baggies? A pair of cheap magnifying glasses to perch on your hat if needed to take a "closer look see"? Bottle of water?

If going via airplane, perhaps consider shipping your finds back via the post office?

Just some thoughts.

Bev :)

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thanks for the good advise, Bev i will send my finds home via to the post office i wouldnt want to travel all that way and have the customs get them .

does anyone out there wear like half gloves to protect your hands, would it be worth buying or is it something thats to one persons taste

thanks again


Greetings From Cape Breton Island

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