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Earliest Cambrian Fossils


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While looking for a paper on the earliest Cambrian fossil record I got sidetracked and interested in a couple of related papers on the oldest Cambrian brachiopods. The good news is they are all open-access to add to your desktop library. The Maloof paper is slow downloading at 24 Mb so I linked directly to his publications page. The best method is to right-click and 'save target as' (paper #27).
Topper, T.P., Holmer, L.E., Skovsted, C.B., Brock, G.A., Balthasar, U., Larsson, C.M., Harper, D.A. (2013)
The oldest brachiopods from the lower Cambrian of South Australia.
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 58(1):93-109
Kouchinsky, A., Bengtson, S., Murdock, D.J. (2010)
A new tannuolinid problematic from the lower Cambrian of the Sukharikha River in northern Siberia.
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 55(2):321-331
Maloof, A.C., Porter, S.M., Moore, J.L., Dudás, F.Ö., Bowring, S.A., Higgins, J. A., Eddy, M.P. (2010)
The earliest Cambrian record of animals and ocean geochemical change.
Geological Society of America Bulletin 122(11-12):1731-1774


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thanks Scott, that Maloof paper sounded interesting, as well as a few other papers there :)

"Your serpent of Egypt is bred now of your mud by the operation of your sun; so is your crocodile." Lepidus

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Thanks Scott, I have been wondering lately about fossils from the earliest Cambrian (pre-Tommotian) and why we never hear any from that time, hard or soft-bodied, just trace fossils.

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