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Tree Root ?

Beach Boy

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Found on the Yorkshire Holderness coast so most likely is erratic, any ideas

Thanks Dave


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Yup. Looks like Stigmaria to me. :)



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Quick Draw Tim beat me to it, yup...that is what I think it is!

Dave, here is a Stigmaria found in Alabama/USA, Pottsville Formation. You can see in this pic the "hairs" that filled the holes in your sample. This slab was huge, I had to settle for the picture. This was my first encounter with this type fossil. I had found casts like you are showing but none with the hairs sticking out of the Stigmaria.



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I love the carboniferous plant fossils! Stigmaria is a great find and I personally love calamities also... Rockin Ric has quite the collection if you want to see some great plant fossils. :)

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Carl here with the standard pedantism: they're technically not roots. They are stigmarian rhizomoprhs, which are photosynthetic structural supports for lycopod trees. Back to work, everyone.

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