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Indian Artifact?


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I have had the following "what I believe is an artifact" for over 15 years. I found this outside Laredo, Tx - in an area where I have found greater than 100 arrowheads on a bluff.

It does not look like anything that could have been made naturally.

Let me know if you agree. Anyone seen anything like this?






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Sorry, but it looks concretionary to me.

I cannot think of a use for it, except possibly ornamental.

But I do believe it is geologic in origin.

If a native american picked it up and wore it as a necklace, - who can tell?



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Always suspected it was just a doodling exercise versus having any specific use.

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Very odd; I see why you've kept it. Maybe you could post it for comments on the Arrowheadology forum LINK.

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Evan, The cracks on the flat side I have seen in our local fossiliferous chert,which forms in nodules. Usually the rocks cleve along those lines. The red center must be more dense to have broken that way. John

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I was thinking it was an early prototype for a baby pacifier....I'll have to check the patent applications.

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Congrats, GaryC on the basketball state championships in your area.....I grew up in Rosenberg (graduated from Terry).

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Navajo ear plugs?

looks geological to me also.

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