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More Snakewood! College Station Tx


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I got out yesterday for a very pleasant hike at my favorite petrified wood site. I found a LOT of palm wood and two of the mostly nicely silicified pieces of snakewood I have found to date. Perfect preservation of cell structure!!! Now we just need either lots more rain or no rain over the next week so I can find some more...I either need the flooded portions to go dry or for more to be washed out.

Specimen No. 26







Specimen No. 27




Palm Wood



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Cool wood pieces!

Fossils are simply one of the coolest things on earth--discovering them is just marvelous! Makes you all giddy inside!

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I live in the CS area and recently started collecting. I have acquired many petrified wood pieces. Many I know to be palm wood and I believe several to be snakewood. I need to get a better quality magnify lens. Two of the pieces of palm wood are really nice and I will post those photos later.

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Those are all gorgeous pieces and I love the pattern and preservation on the snake wood. Great finds and I hope you find some more.

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Very good looking wood indeed. The detail is great, but it sure would be nice to see it sectioned longitudinally and cross sectioned with a high polish. Of course that would kind of ruin one of your pristine finds.

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I live in your area (Grassbur Rd Bryan) and the pics help me to identify palm wood but have not seen any snake wood. Although I have 3 milk crates full to go through.

Contact me by email if you are so inclined.


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