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Bryozoan Archimedes And More...


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Hello - I'm posting with headline of one of the suggested ID's from my intro post. Thanks for the info.

My apologies for not having something to really define scale, however, I
can say it is about 1.5 inches from the edge of the circular 'star' area
to the edge where it turns down. Overall would be about 2 inches.

To me it resembled a screw, especially with the star pattern at
one end. That's what got my curiosity going. Anyhow, the rock has other
imprints on other sides as well. That will be the more part here.

I offer for you viewing a few pictures. The rock was found near a spring
fed lake that I believe was part of a gravel quarry at some point. A rock patch on the bank. I'll
have to do some 'digging' (hah pun) to know more precisely the history.

OK, here we go:


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My apprentice's mind says that it could be either bryozoan or crinoid, the first two pictures. I am sure others have already said it. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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