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Tiny Horse Cheek Tooth Without Developed Root?

Lori LuvsFossils

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I found this in a S Florida river. It has the appearance of an upper cheek tooth (horse), but I've never seen one so tiny. The fact that there isn't a root also throws me. I understand the river tumbles and sometimes makes a piece look rounded where it otherwise wouldn't, but the bottom of this tooth looks "finished" for lack of a better word. I'm wondering if it could be such a young tooth that the root hadn't yet formed ??? 3 toed horse ??

I'll just apologize in advance if my post has the long string of non-sense attached. I have no idea why this is happening.





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I hunt the Peace River and very occasionally find horse (equus) fragments similar to yours. I have always thought that these were severely tumbled/eroded by the river and sand.

The pattern on the occusal surface resembles Equus Sp. rather than 3 toed. I have found deciduous horse teeth, and they do not resemble this. SS

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Yep, water worn fragment of an Equus cheel tooth.

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Thanks !

I've also found many broken horse teeth (could weigh them by the pound), but this is the first in this shape and size. I'm always hopeful it's something special when it doesn't match the others. :)

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