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Shark Teeth From Whiskey Bridge/texas Eocene


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I went out to a favorite shark tooth lens of mine yesterday; luckily it has remained undisturbed since I last worked on it last year. It was HOT, but luckily I was digging in the shade. I finished digging out the entirety of the lens, hauled back my 10 gallons of matrix (it was absolutely arduous! Took 2 hours just to get the matrix back; nearly having a heat stroke along the way!

I found 8 teeth while digging, one did not have the root preserved and another is half-encased with concrete-hard matrix. I also found a cuttlefish prong, a coral, a few nice conus and a nice shell.

It will be interesting to see what else turns up while processing the matrix!


These are from the Eocene Stone City Formation of Brazos/Burleson Co., Texas

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Looks like it was a good thing doing this dig inspite of the high temperature :)

Hope you will find a lot of nice tooth, including micro's in your collected matrix.


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