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Are They Coral, Sponges, Bryozoans Or What? 1


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For whatever reason I struggle with identifying/differentiating coral, sponges, and bryozoans. They are too similar? Please tell me what's what in the following photos. I'll give my guess just to see if I'm as off-base as I think I am. Thanks.

Coral? post-7762-0-12784700-1370533764_thumb.jpg

Coral? post-7762-0-70273000-1370533797_thumb.jpg

Bryozoan? post-7762-0-28026000-1370533819_thumb.jpg

Bryozoan? post-7762-0-72750800-1370533839_thumb.jpg post-7762-0-05190300-1370533858_thumb.jpg

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#1 Could it be pumice? It's lighter than expected. I found in a creek in southern Ohio, so if pumice it didn't get there naturally. Found near a railroad track.

Maybe slag from steel manufacturing.

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