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Need Help Identifying Tree Fossils - Still Stumped


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I have been able to determine most of the tree fossil pics I posted from a couple days ago are Sigillaria trees from the Carboniferous Period (thanks to Rockin' Ric), but I am still confused about the one listed in this follow up post. I found it near the others, but it does not seem to fit with the others. I tried to search the internet and have not been able to identify it. I provided more detail in a close-up and top view photo. Any help would be appreciated.




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I found the lycopsid Lyginodendron sp. from Europe that matches to some degree with the overall characteristics of your specimen:




"Shorter and neatly rhombic to lenticular scars appear on some specimens. As axis width increases the length of the scars dramatically increases and the scars become very elongate but retain their overall lenticular shape. The width of the scars varies from 3 to 14 mm, whereas their length varies from 7 mm on the smallest specimen (42 mm axes) toup to 60 mm on the largest (140 mm axes) specimen. On the larger specimens the apical terminations of the scars also become less distinct, and in places the terminations of the scars may appear joined."


Pendleton, J.L., Cleal, C.J., Falcon-Lang, H.J., Wagner, R.H., & Wellman, C.H. (2012)

Palaeobotany of the Pennsylvanian (mid-Bolsovian–Cantabrian; Moscovian) Warwickshire Group of the Bristol Coalfield, UK: Biostratigraphy and palaeoecology.

Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 179:17-43





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You may be on to something here. I could just have a smaller specimen. Thanks for your help!

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I knew I should have put (no pun intended) after the topic name. Always a comedian out there. Good to see folks in this forum can be serious about the subject and still have a sense of humor.

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It is needed sometimes... and it comes, though maybe I am not the best practitioner! others are better.

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nice specimen

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No trees were killed in this posting......however, many innocent electrons were diverted from where they originally intended to go.

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