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I've bought a fossils lot on internet and few of them didn't have no information at all! Probably the reason why they were really low price!!!!! Well I don't know if someone can help me with this one!

I THINK it is crinoids! No formation, no period.. I don't know where it is from but the guy I bought it from is in Washington state, Usa.. And he told me that he mostly found his fossils on the west coast!

If anyone know some information so I can put a label in front of that beauty, let me know please!

I send him an email a while ago.. Still waiting for my answer!!


Bob! :)





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Hi Drizzt0000!

Do you have an Idea of the formation and the period and where your crinoïds fossil come from?

Maybe it would help me in my research!


Bob! :)

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Crinoid stems probably Mississippian in age, some brachiopod imprints.

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