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A Tricky One


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Ok, this is definitely not an egg :)

But what is it?

I found it in the same place as the raptor footprint.

Could it be a fossil and if so, what are the options?






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Well, I'm sorry, but, ... to me, I am not seeing fossil here.

It looks like an oddly shaped/eroded block of limestone or sandstone. :unsure:

I don't see any bone like structure in it, (although pics are kind of blurry and dark) and no recognizable shape of any bone.

Try to take some clearer pics, and wait for some others to weigh in.

Try direct sunlight, and do not get too close to your subject - use the macro feature as well. (tulip icon on your camera.)

You might try to enhance the photos as well, with Photoscape, or some other free editing software.



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We can see the shape nicely, but texture is impossible. We need better focused pix. Just from the shape alone, I am not seeing a fossil.

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