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Petrified Wood Find


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Hi All,

My business partner and I came across a very large amount of Petrified Wood during a build of holiday homes on the Black Sea Coast and consequently we now own more land than we intended to purchase!! The reason for this blog is that my step brother David, found a piece of Petrified Wood in his garden in Yorkshire UK where I grew up and i've never seen this species before in all the time i've been dealing in our own Petrified wood. My assumption is its a Cactus Tree of sorts or a spine protecting tree that no longer exist, but if there is anyone else that can either confirm or disagree or shed any light onto the issue, I would be greatfull for any help and advice

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The photo isn't appearing. But with your reference to cactus, I'm wondering if it is stigmaria, the root of the carboniferous lepidodendrons. They sometimes look sort of like cactus.

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