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Quick Trip With A Surprise

John K

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The kids and I went to see if the water had come down enough to expose some new gravel banks on the confluence we found earlier this summer.

Gravel bars I have known...

We quickly realized that we were looking at material we had already been through, but we did find some new exposure and found some fun stuff.
Gastropods and Stromatolites are ubiquitous to this area, with Stomatolites being the principal reef builders of their day



Western Wisconsin is not known for it's Cretaceous outcrops, but there are a very small few recorded. So it's always surprising to find petrified wood (preserved as micro-crystalline quartz) in amoungst the mish-mash of gravels. I've found a few other pieces, and they all share the same appearance, but this one is exceptionally nice:

Petrified Wood

I left the Gastropod plate and Stromatolite lay (seriously, every other piece of limestone out there is one or the other...!) but I pocketed the pet wood.
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VERY colorful gravel bars--- red, green, blue--- looks like Christmas! Jasper or ? As a bit of a rockhound, I'd be picking up the rocks (as long as it is a polishable-type rock) as well as the fossils


:popcorn: John

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