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What Genus / Species Of Petrified Wood Is This?


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The following pictures are some shots of my petrified wood from Madagascar. Let me know in your opinion, what is the species of the tree this wood belongs to.




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Impossible to say with certainty on the basis of these photographs. For a detailed identification, you will need high-resolution images of the wood texture, preferably thin-sections of several cuts.

However, given the locality "Madagascar" (I assume the Mahajanga region), this material is likely Triassic in age. Common woods from this locality include conifers, araucariaceae, etc.

Searching for green in the dark grey.

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paleoflor is correct. there is not enough detail in the photos to be sure. A lot of times, a thin slice or at the minimum, a 10x loupe examination is needed to see the details which would allow identification. Sometimes the wood can be so silicified that not enough structures remain for identification.

There may be some visual clue on the outside, but I am not familiar with Triassic wood and wood from that area.

Some Eocene to Miocene woods from my area are fairly easy to basically identify visually, such as palm, oak, elm, some conifers, snakewood (Mennegoxylon), legume, while others require more detailed examination.

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Yes, I can imagine a thin, polished cross-section and very high res photo would help immensely.

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