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Harrogate / Middlesboro Tn Info?


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Does anyone have any info or links to geologic maps of the Harrogate / middlesboro / cumberland gap area? I'll be studying at the medical school here for the next few years and I'd love to find out a bit more about the plentiful fossil beds that are everywhere out here. I've seen some carboniferous deposits, some marine stuff and heard that there is Jurassic stuff in the area as well. It seems I'm in quite the spot.

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I did some googling and came up with tons of information though I didn't see anything Jurassic. Sounds like you're in good spot to do some prospecting with the aid of the state geo map. You might also try sources of local rock used in driveways etc. This info is available from the yellow pages easily or may show up with a google search.

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There is no Jurassic or Triassic in TN, there is Cretaceous. The TN Geological Survey site will give you the map you need.

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Do either of you mind posting the link you found to the geologic survey?

Also, what terms are you searching for fossils near harrogate? I keep finding results for some brand of clothing or commercial results for fossils in the area.

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