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Camel Metapodial?


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I agree with Harry. Camel metatarsals are very distinctive with their 'Y' shape.


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Thanks guys. I find a lot of bison bones & teeth in that Creek so I'm not surprised.

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The Flordia State Museum website has a good map of the range of the camel/paleolama in the eastern US. It's generally accepted their habitation range was the southern coastal area. Someone on a web site posted a molar they identified as camel found in Monmouth County NJ. The problem with such claims is they are not supported by any other documented finds or professional reports. To assume a single camel wandered almost a thousand miles north of it's usual range and died in NJ is tough to believe. Now, to say it's a caribou molar just might work since it looks like a caribou molar and caribou are a well documented ice age species of NJ. That I can believe but a camel.......

It's possible camels ranged as far north as the coastal regions of the Carolinas, like horses. But I would research it before claiming a camel bone.

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