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Looks like agate to me, but I may be wrong. If you tell us where and in which layers you found it, it might be possible for someone to narrow down or confirm it.

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It looks like it has been highly polished by a lapidarist rather than found like that, so if you bought it from a gem shop without a label then it may not be from New Zealand. Chalcedony will occasionally crystallise like that, but it's a much more common habit for calcite. If you google "honeycomb calcite" you'll see similar examples. In gem shops it most usually comes from the Uinta Mountains of Utah, USA but does occur elsewhere.

Without more information on its mineralogical properties (and origin) it will be difficult to identify. We can only say "looks like".


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I've done a bit of poking around and found that it is honey comb calcite from Utah.:-) Thank you.

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